Ready to make more money from less content?

Create Content That Sells for You 24/7

(…even if you don’t have a large audience…)

The Challenge Doors Are Closed

It’s true…

You don’t have to create an endless amount of content to finally get a sale.

You’re under this belief that you need to create 1000s of pieces of content before you can start to make money online and it makes sense why you believe that.

You look at the gurus with 100k+ followers and 10,000 pieces of content. They had to create that much content before they could make the money they make, right?

But what if the truth was different? What if only a small percentage of their content was making them all of their money?

What happens when you create the right content for your audience?


More Money

Everyone is creating content which makes it seem like it’s hard to stand out. But it’s not. The right content has no problem reaching the right people to make you more money.


Less Work

Your content should be doing MORE work for you, not less. This means being strategic about the content that you create so nothing goes to waste. More thought, less work.


Better Customers

The better your content, the better your customers. Work with people that you enjoy working with because your content created the perfect customer.

How it works out for me…

$10,000+ a month without burning out and that mostly comes from a single piece of content.

I’ve created 1000s of blog posts and even more social media posts over the last decade and every time I come back to the same conclusion.

I didn’t need to do all of that!

So now I put my efforts into creating the right content that follows the same 3 principles to ensure I get more out of it.

The Customer Content Creation Challenge

A 10-Day Challenge that will get you to where you need to be with your content. Instead of being told that you need to create thousands of pieces of content before you find the right one, unlock everything you need so you can pinpoint the perfect content for you and your audience.

I’m not going to lie, I hate working hard. I don’t want to work hard and it makes no sense to grind yourself to death when you have content that could be doing work for you 24/7.

So after a decade of content creation, I took a step back and looked at my content and noticed something. A small percentage of the content was doing over 90% of the work.

I’m going to help you unlock that small subset of content that will do most of the work for you.

The Challenge starts on June 3rd and runs through June 14th. We will take the weekend off to rest up.

That means all you need is 10 days of focus to level up. Can you do that?

Challenge Doors Are Closed

What Will Happen to You…

After the challenge is done you’ll be able to…

  • Walk away from the daily grind of content creation
  • Stop worrying about the algorithm and whether or not you’re going to go viral
  • Have more faith that your content is working even when it doesn’t get big numbers
  • Understand how to create content that works for you for years instead of for the next 90 minutes

The Epiphanies…

Content success is rarely found in a template. It would be easy for me to give you 20 pages of prompts for you to work off of, but what would that do?

Keep you busy for a month or two and leave you with the same results.

Instead, I’m going to show you the two layers of content and 3 principles to follow that transform consumers into customers and how you can use them across every piece of content that you create to get your desired results.

But I want to make sure you have everything you need to take action and start creating the right content today so you’ll also get access to…

The Content Case Study Library

Gain access to the content that I’ve come across on social media that does it right. While you’ll learn how to figure out the content that will work best for you, it never hurts to have a library of examples that you can always refer to.

Grab the Challenge

Doors are closed but the Challenge will return.