It’s Not Passive Income, It’s Automated Income

People have the wrong idea about passive income. In fact, I’ve never liked that term that much because when you first hear it, it implies that you don’t do anything to make the money.

You know that’s not true.

There is a lot of work to make the money start appearing when you’re not at the computer.

That’s why I like to call it automated income. This page is a great example of that. On this page, I’ll talk to you about Full Stack Engines a bit if you want to listen. It won’t be a sales pitch though.

At least it won’t seem like one.

But you arrived on this page because you clicked a link in an email. I have no idea what email it was. I have no idea when you received it.

In fact, I’m not even sure when I wrote it.

And none of that matters. Just know that I didn’t write the email and immediately sent it out to you. I could’ve written the email days, weeks, or months ago.

But it still provided you some level of value and now you’re here. If I’m fortunate, you’ll purchase access to Full Stack Engines which means I will make money from something I created in the past.

That’s why I call it automated income. It might feel passive to you on the other side but it doesn’t feel passive to me at all.

I had to do a lot of work to get your attention. I had to do even more work to keep it. But there was no reason for me to always be around on the computer to make this happen. You don’t need me to be around for you at this very second for you to learn the things to help you succeed.

What’s the point of us living in the 21st Century with all of these fancy tools and access to millions of people if we always have to be around?

This is why building a Full Stack Engine is so critical for those individuals who do want to make a healthy amount of money but don’t want to be tied to their screens to do it.

I probably should’ve called it Automated Income Engines but I guess it’s too late now. Anyways, if you want to learn how I have all of these things set up that even got you to this page then join me and many others in building your very own effective Full Stack Engine.