The Journey

Season 1

Join me as I get to $3,000 for the 11th time.

What does it really take to build the online business that you want?

I’m going to tell you something that you’re not going to like.

It’s pretty damn easy to sell to people who want to make money. The only thing that you need to do is tell them that you have a magical way to make money and because the other ways haven’t worked for them, there is a good chance they’ll buy from you.

That doesn’t sound very nice, but it’s how a lot of people make their money.

They make money one way and then believe they have the magic secret to unlocking money for everyone. What happens from there?

You get a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  1. The guru tells people they can help them make money
  2. Some people buy
  3. Now the guru gets to say, “See, look how much I made!”
  4. More people buy
  5. Repeat

The more people buy, the better the results look which get more people to buy.

The Problems…

There are two main problems for you.

  1. Not everyone wants to help others make money so does the magic secret work for them?
  2. Just because the magic secret worked that one time does it mean it can work today when things are different?

If you’ve never done this before then you can’t answer those questions. You simply have to trust that the person knows what they’re doing.

But what if there was a different way?

The Apprentice Method

There was a time when if you wanted to learn something you became someone’s apprentice. You watched them work. You observed them reaching the Outcomes that you wanted for yourself.

You don’t get that as much anymore, especially in the online world.

What you get now is the highlight reel of success.

I made $10,000 this month. It took me 17 months to get to this point. Let me show you the 3 things that I did…

It’s not that the content isn’t helpful but what happens when you get to work? You hit bumps that aren’t mentioned in the manual. You come across obstacles that people forgot to mention.

And let’s face it. No matter how well someone can tell you what they did to find success there are always going to be points that they miss.

But what if you could see how they handle every step of the journey? What if you were around at the time to ask them a question the second they made a decision?

Why did you do that? Why didn’t you do this instead? How did you figure that thing out?

What if you could be an Apprentice for a short amount of time?

$3,000 Isn’t Sexy Unless…

In a world of big claims, $3,000 isn’t that sexy unless it’s made within a certain amount of time.

But you might be thinking that $3,000 sure looks great to you at this moment. And here’s the thing with $3,000.

If you know how to make the first $3,000 then you know how to make the next $97,000.

You’re going to watch me make the first $3,000 for the 11th time.

In my life, I’ve done this journey 10 times with 10 unique businesses. Of course, I didn’t stop at $3,000 but once you see how the first $3,000 was made then…well, you get the rest.

I’m going to share my journey of doing this for the 11th time if you want to listen.

Why am I doing this?

Everything Is Fucked

To put it lightly.

People are desperate to make money and so a lot of people are going around promising the magic formula but these formulas also come with unrealistic expectations.

You end up buying half a recipe for something but you didn’t it was only half the recipe. You didn’t even know there was a full recipe.

But I’m going to show you from beginning to end what I do.

Instead of me standing on top of the mountain telling you what to do, what if went back down to the bottom of the mountain and you climbed with me?

Instead of telling you the things that I teach work, why don’t I show you in real- time? Instead of talking the talk, I’ll walk the walk.

The Journey

Season 1

Sit behind the scenes with me as I start a new brand and make $3,000 with it in 90 days.

(Note: Close to 90 days. This runs from July 1st to September 30th so not sure if that’s exactly 90 days or not. I’m sure it’s close enough.)

Will it take 90 days? I have no idea, but I’m a big fan of The 12-Week Year so that feels appropriate. Besides, we never know what obstacles we will encounter along the way.

Those people who continue to sell you on the idea of making $3,000 the first week don’t talk about what you do from scratch creating your own product.

Over 90 days I’ll share with you everything that I do to not only build a brand up but to make it profitable and make money almost daily.

You’ll have access to every metric that I can think of.

  • Revenue
  • Expenses
  • Pageviews
  • Views
  • Subscribers
  • Unsubscribes

And whatever else that you ask for.

The Category Killing Offers Challenge

You’ll also get access to The Category Killing Offers Challenge. A 10-Day Challenge that will help you create an offer that not only stands out in any crowded niche but also kills the category so you have your own.

The Challenge starts on July 1st, but you’ll always have access to it so you can go through it whenever you want.

The Journey Pop-Up Community

This is where most of the action will take place. Have you ever wanted the ability to ask questions of the mentors/experts/people building successful businesses?

Well, here’s your chance. You get to talk to me directly as I build things out. You’ll also join 100+ others who are on the same journey as you.

There is no reason to feel alone as you build the business of your dreams.

The Guarantee

There should be some stakes attached to this, right?

If I fail to make $3,000 with this new brand and offer by October 1st (Season 1 runs through July 1st – September 30th), then you’ll get full access to my signature program Full Stack Engines 2.0.

This will happen without delay. If $3,000 isn’t made by midnight on September 30th, then on October 1st you’ll have access to the best online business-building program around.

I’d much rather you pay full price for it, but like I said, there have to be some stakes attached to this.

Why the Gurus Don’t Do This…

There are a lot of different factors that can contribute to one’s success. Once you achieve success you want to believe it’s because you followed the right steps.

That’s when people begin to teach those steps to others. When their customers don’t find success it’s easy to say that it’s because they didn’t follow the steps.

But what if the steps aren’t right for everyone? Would they risk trying their advice and starting from scratch to see if it works?

Most won’t. It’s too risky. Why show the world that maybe their way doesn’t work when you can simply keep on making money without any worries?

Doing this isn’t a risk to me but it’s important that you see someone start at the beginning and work their way up.

Who the Hell Am I?

This might sound great, but who am I to pull this off? Am I even worth following?

My name is Paul Scrivens and I’ve been building online business for 20+ years now. I’ve failed a lot and as you can see, I’ve succeeded a couple of times.

Each failure has shown me a better way until I’ve finally found the path that leads me to success every single time.

Assuming my 3 kids let me work.

To better understand what I can show you and how I view business, feel free to check out my free Pocket Course. No sign up required.

My main goal in life is to create. The more I get to create, the happier I am.

This means that the more money I can make the more time I spend creating. If you’re like this then I think we will get along.

I want to show you what it takes to get to that magical place where you can create whatever you want and still keep the roof over your head.

A life where you wake up without worries and a smile on your face.