We Want to Have Fun Doing What We Love and Make Lots of Money Doing It. Sound Right?

You’re a smart cookie. You know this is a sales page to something so I’m not going to pretend it’s not.

In fact, what I’m going to do is point out each section of this sales page and how I’m using it to try and convince you to join The Billionaire Makers Society.

Let’s also have some fun and put a table of contents here in case you want to bounce around. And don’t worry about the buy button above. There are plenty more along the way.

That’s Rachel. She’s amazing. She’s a member of the Society. She sells Freezer Meal Guides and makes over $20k a month doing so.

It’s mostly from TikTok. Nothing fancy.

I showed you that image as social proof. If this is a place that is supposed to help you make money then it’s good to see others doing it.

But I also wanted to mention the Freezer Meal thing because maybe you don’t want to sell courses on how to succeed on Instagram and if that’s the case, is this a good place for you?

The answer is yes.

Who It’s For

This was the start of establishing who this offer is for.

Because there is so much involved with it (we’ll get to that in a second) there are different parts throughout this sales page that have to establish who is a good fit for The Billionaire Makers Society.

In a perfect world, I’d just say this is a great place for those who want to make money, build something great, and feel good during the whole journey.

I Told You There Would Be More Buttons

How Does It Work?

Next, we need to talk about the logistics. How does it all work?

When you join The Billionaire Makers Society you get access to every past, present, and future course (you’ll see those in a sec), access to the community which gives you access to me, access to our monthly Challenges and Calls, and whatever other crazy stuff we think of.

It’s meant to be a continuous resource that you can refer back to during every stage of growth for your business.

We’ve had a lot of text so far so I need to throw in another image to not only break things up but to also appeal to you.

We can’t have this image and not talk about it! Everything is about learning here.

What you can see is that Amy got her book out because of one of the Challenges that we run. That’s what can make Challenges so fun. They push you to take action.

Then you see the email sequence that’s automated (amazing), a tripwire set up, and FB ads connected to it all (admittedly, there is nothing about paid ads yet in BMS but everything else helps you convert those paid ads if you do wish to use them).

Oh and she sold her first book which should make you feel great because you might be reading this hoping to sell your first thing.

All of this is done to show you that maybe these are your people.

Alright, on to the next section. Let’s change up the color so it visually looks like a new section.

$500. Multiple Payment Options.

What You Get

180-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The Outcomes

This is the fun part because already you’ve gotten a sense of the outcomes with the two images that I’ve shown you so far.

But this is also where a lot of sales pages fall apart because they don’t do a great job of presenting you with a solid outcome.

Instead, they talk about how you’ll live a happy life or gain more confidence.

So what’s the Outcome for The Billionaire Makers Society? I call it that because it’s about helping 10,000 Makers make $100,000+ a year each.

10,000 People x $100,000 each a year = $1,000,000,000.

That’s the main outcome but it might also help to have secondary outcomes like:

  • Sell without selling
  • Never feel like you have to be on your computer so your business doesn’t fall apart
  • Get good at not worrying about the algorithms
  • Create multiple distribution channels so you can handle any emergency

You get the gist. I don’t want to change the color for the next section so we need an image break.

I’m Running Out of Fun Headlines

Why I Made It

I purposefully chose the image above because it shows something different. I do think anyone is capable of building an amazing online business if they have the right resources available to them.

Many people aren’t able to do it because they get in their own way. The hardest part about helping you isn’t showing you how to create a funnel or become a better copywriter.

It’s having the right resources in place so when you encounter a self-made mental obstacle, you’ll be ready to jump over it.

We live in a world that requires more money but for many people the pursuit of more money leads to more unhappiness. We shouldn’t have to be unhappy to simply survive.

We have a choice to live happily and thrive if we have the right support.

I want you to make as much money as you possibly can so you can do the things that make you happy. I understand that trying to distill my 20 years of business-building experience into a single course doesn’t do you justice.

So I created this place to grow along with you. I want a better world because I’m selfish. I like to be around happy people and I’ve found that when you have money to take care of the basic things in life, it’s much easier to focus on your happiness.

That was a lot of text so I should’ve had more visual elements to break things up but let’s just leave it for now. But this also means another image.

I Did Run Out of Fun Headlines

The Final Pitch and Guarantee

Oh, Price Does Go Up After May 1st

I’ve Made It as Simple as Possible for You.

Everything is in one place for one price. No subscription fees. No hidden costs.

This Is the Last Button